Para Church Organization Feels Economic Crunch Too.

Youth Specialties President Mark Oesreicher just released an announcement about the company's new organizational structure. It looks like 14 positions from top to bottom will be eliminated, including Tic Long.

I've wondered if this sort of thing might start happening in the para church world. When Shoreline revamped it's budget to prevent cutting positions, among the budget cuts were curriculum and conferences. YS in my favorite place to get these resources.  I knew that if lift wasn't able to buy stuff from them anymore, how many more churches would be in a similar position?

I hope that the new structure will help YS to stay around. I have a personal interest in their health, because they have poured so much into me. No other organization has influenced me more.
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marko said...

thanks, mike.

fyi: tic wasn't a founder of ys. that was mike yaconelli and wayne rice. but tic has been at ys for 32 of ys's 40 years.

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