A Facebook/Twitter Free Lent

When people hear the word Lent, reactions vary. Some say sacrificing things like TV, coffee, sugar, and facebook are not true to the Catholic Christian tradition. There are also the anti-legslist that say Lent is just empty religious superstition that has little value. Some hold an opinion in between those extremes. Others have not even heard of it. My experience with the season leading up to Easter is usually one of making more space in my life to hear G-d's voice, not an attempt to gain some sort of spiritual mereit badge.

I cut out sugar once, but when our church put out free candy on Easter I almost went into pancriatic shock from all the dark chocolates I ate. One year Marie and I have up TV. Our weeks were great. We would sit down in our small kitchen-living-dining-bedroom (it really was small!) and eat dinner together. We talked, planned, laughed, planned, and prayed. A peace came over our home that season... at least until we found a loop hole in Lent that allows for the eating of meat on the Lord's day. That was enough to make us into instant legslists. Obviously the same would be true for giving up TV, right? Who are we to mess with the rules? Who would expect anyone to miss the first season of Alias for Lent anyway!

What about this year? When I think about how many hours I've spent looking at pictures, comments, status updates, and notes this year I wish I could get a do-over. For the next few weeks I'm going to take that time I usually sit looking at life, and I'm going to live it. I will pray and reflect. I'm going to be fully present for my spouse and daughter - no having my family having to say things twice to get my attention. Did I mention that I'm going to blog it? It won't take much time and I can do it from my phone.

So these notes will import to facebook automatically, but I won't be living there at all. I'll be with my G-d, my family, and with my community. Here goes!

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