A Full Life

Things are really cookin' down here in the ATX. I'm getting the hang of a new department, a 'new' job, and most importantly a new family with the addition of Ella.

I just had one of those moments that you hang on to. Since I'm usually the last to bed, I make the rounds. I secure the house and check on Ella one last time. I fully open her door so we can hear her. Tonight I did something different.

I hung out for a few minutes. She was there sleeping and I thought "no one else in the world can ever share this moment with her." I felt so special to be the one to check on her. I made sure she was warm and safe. I said a short prayer and blessing over her and asked for her health and protection.

Then my thoughts turned to G-d. How many times does he sneak into my room to make sure I am alright? My office? My car? If I can love my daughter this much as a flawed human being, how much more does G-d love people? "surely G-d was in this place and I did not know it."

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