Something That Matters: Security Lines and Daughters

I had moment of clarity in the midst of the airport jungle of security lines, overcrowding, and unhappy stressed out travelers. It didn't look like we'd make our flight because our ride arrived 30 minutes after it was supposed to whisk us away toward a problem free journey. We were waiting in the first of two massive lines at the airport and a brilliant thought popped into my head.

"I have a daughter" I thought. It went on, "I have a daughter. I have a wife. I have a family." I realized, "I have a daughter to take care of on this trip, I have an amazing wife by my side, and I have a wonderful family to go visit."

After a moment to recall all the great things in my life, it was more difficult to remain negative. Sometimes I start to spiral in to negative and stressful emotions when things don't go my way on a journey, but yesterday I didn't care. Only my two girls mattered to me.

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