A new way to watch football.

Thanks to direct TV and the Baby Bjorn, I watched a rare nationally televised Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. Even though the Bucs lost, I still had a good time bonding with Ella. She told me that She likes the Bucs more than the Patriots...just don't tell Mom.

I wonder if Christianity could take a note from Judaism and let the mother determine the religion of the baby? The Christian augmentation of that tradition would include the father determining the babies preference to all sports teams? Sounds like a fair trade to me.


The Hanique's said...

LOL! That looks great! And you're never too early to teach them when it comes to sports. Way to go Mike!
Hmm, if I picture Guillaume doing that it will be sitting at a computer... don't know if I like that influence all that much ;)
Love you.

Mike Collins said...

He says while holding a patriots cup... :) Marie

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