Ella likes her new home!

The pink light coming through the curtains perfect!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, Michael. I am a good friend of your mom's and your grandparents. Now, you have to buy all that foo-foo stuff, like dresses, shoes, purses, and hair bows. Your mother will simply enjoy this, I am sure. I have two granddaughters, Madison and Sophia, and I don't know what I would have done without them. After having four boys of my own, a little girl is wonderful. I now have a grandson, Chase, and I am thankful for him. Enjoy Ella, she will grow up fast.

Take care,

Peggy Boente(Carlinville, Illinois)

Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

At the risk of sounding like a girl, she's so cute! Congrats!

Also, my birthday is within a week of hers. Coincidence?

I think so.

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